Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to visit Purulia every year to witness the charm of the natural beauties of Ayodhya,Turga Falls, PPSP Upper and Lower Dam, Dawri khal in Kesto Bazar Dam, Lahoria Shiv Mandir, Matha and Kuilapal, falls and tribal habitations of Ajodhya Hills and Bagmundih, dams like Panchet, Murguma Dam and Futiari, heritage building like Panchakot Raj Place, trekking range of Matha proud with Pakhi Pahar, and Joychandi Pahar, picnic spots like Duarsini, Doladanga, Jamuna, traditional folk dance and culture like Chhou Dance and Jhumur Song.Pakbirra Jain temple, Purulia,Pakbirra Jain temple is a collection of three temples. Relics here date back to the ninth and tenth centuries AD. Most impressive of sculptures present in this temple is the colossal 7.5 feet high statue Shitalnatha and 8 feet high statue of Padmaprabha carved of polished black stone. Statue of Padmaprabha is also worshipped as Bhairavnath by people of Hindus faith. The temple has many sculptures including sculptures of Tirthankar Rishabhnath, Parshvanatha, Mahavira along with Goddess Devi Ambika and Padmavati.



Matha – Matha Buru (Matha hills) is commonly known for its esthetic beauty. Annual ‘Mela’ is originated on the hill by tribal community. Many nature camp and Rock Climbing courses are conducted by different organization mostly during winter season. Last year number of such camps was 31 and more than 2000 school &college students participated. Local Forest Protection Committee members are engaged for providing catering facilities for camp and some of them also act as local guides.

Pakhi Pahar – Is another tourist attraction with vicinity along with scenic beauty of Pardi Dam.

Eco-Shop – An unique attempt to provide facility to the local villagers to sale their handicraft produce to the tourist.

Gachbari (Tree house) – First time in South Bengal to provide tourist a feeling of staying above a tree. Under construction at Matha Range shortly to be completed.

Dowry Khal – Originating place of Sobha River, a tributary of Subarnarekha. Known for its natural beauty and a favourite camping place for adventure tourist.

Purulia Pump Storage Project – 900 M.W. capacity hydro-electric project. Upper dam surrounded by lash green Sal forest is a potential place for tourist destination.

Tugga and Bramni Falls – To perennial streams near Bagmundi favourite for day visitors and picnic party in winter.

Nature Interepretation Centre at Ajodhya – Under construction. Aimed to represent Ajodhya Eco-system along with tribal culture and tradition to the visiting tourists. Shortly to be completed.

Sirkabad – Base camp for rock climbers and trekkers who come to help rock climb courses at Gaja Buru, the top peak of Ajdohya Hill.

Dams surrounding Ajodhya Hill – Murguma, Pardi, Burda, Ramudih, Gopalpur are few dam sites which are liked by picnic minded people and tourists. They not only represent the scenic beauty but also serves as spot for bird watching.