COVID-19 Update

Updated on 2nd June, 2020

Let’s Restart Together with Safety


We hope and pray your family, your friends and you are well and in good health, as we are all confronted by the threat of COVID 19.

We wish to be of service to our guests and if we can be of any assistance in any way at all, please do not hesitate to call us at +91 8145001000 or send us an email at Your request will be escalated to the concerned person and we will do all we can to assist you.

Your safety and good health is our top priority. Stay Safe, Stay Protected & Stay Healthy.

Our Commitment to Cleanliness & Hygiene:

At PearlTree Hotels & Resorts, we have always practised being open and transparent with our guests and colleagues. Our hotels have always placed the highest emphasis on the safety and wellbeing of our guests with exacting standards of cleanliness and hygiene. With the risks associated with COVID 19, and in keeping with World Health Organization and Ministry of Tourism guidelines, we have implemented a number of additional measures across all our hotels. In keeping with our ethos we felt that it is only right to share these processes, which we have put together with meticulous care, for the benefit of our guests.

Our hotels continue to be the best and safest option, even more so now than ever before. We have introduced a new Hospitality Concept named Staygiene to boost our efforts in maintaining highest standards of hygienic and healthy environments in our hotels & resorts.

Sanitizing Our Hotels & Resorts

Sanitization works are done on a daily-basis at Pearltree Hotels & Resorts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All the staffs at our 3 hotels – Pearltree Hotel, Kushalpalli Resort & Matha Forest Resort follow strict protocols to maintain healthy environments.

Staygiene: a Hospitality Concept

Staygiene is a new hospitality concept of Pearltree Hotels & Resorts. It aims to provide hospitality services under constantly monitored procedures to maintain highest standards of hygienic and healthy environments. Together we can stop the spread of COVID-19 and lead the way to others.


Staygiene: a Hospitality Concept by Pearltree Hotels & Resorts

The safety and welfare of our valuable guests and associates is our top most priority. Our organisation Pearltree Hotels & Resorts has executed these hygiene and safety measures across all our 3 hotels based on the directives received from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, FSSAI and the local government authorities, on this COVID-19 pandemic.

This article provides a synopsis of the modifications to our standard operating design and delivery procedures that all the 3 hotels & resorts of Pearltree Hotels & Resorts would be following presently, to make our guests and team members aware of the necessity of social distancing, enhanced hygiene and safety measures, while still continuing with the essence of our service and hospitality.

These amendments to our regular operating standards will be momentary, until health and safety conditions improve globally. Due to the fluctuating conditions over the next few months, these guidelines and procedures will be continuously evolving and would be subject to changes or modifications, as directed by circumstances and the local authorities.

We will continue to deliver our environmentally sensitive services and hospitality to our esteemed guests across all our hotels & resorts. Our sales associates and frontline team members at all our hotels are always available to assist you.

We have divided our Hospitality Concept into 4 parts, they are: A) The Guest Experience, B) The Hygiene Protocols, C) The Well-being Of Our Staff & Guests, D) The Health We Care.


Our updated operational standards where health & hospitality come together for heightened guest safety

COVID-19 Pearltree Hotels & Resorts

The Guest Experience

  1. Online Reservations
  2. Transportation
  3. Receiving Guests
COVID-19 Purulia

The Hygiene Protocols

  1. Reception / Lobby
  2. Elevators
  3. Guest Rooms
  4. Dining
  5. Kitchen
  6. Health & Wellness
  7. Guest Meetings & Banquet Events

The Well-being Of Our Staff & Guests

  1. Hygiene Gears
  2. Health Knowledge
  3. Guest Management
  4. Heart of the House
COVID-19 Purulia

The Health We Care

  1. Health Helpline
  2. Hospital Support
  3. Hygiene Expert

A) The Guest Experience

The Guest Experience

The Guest Experience

1) Online Reservations

  • Online reservation options before arrival, scanned ID proofs before check-in and online payments for all stays
  • Guests to share digital copy of valid photo identification prior to check-in
  • e-version of reservation confirmation voucher valid for check-in

2) Guest Transportation

  • All hotel cars sanitized before and after every use
  • Chauffeurs equipped with protective gear at all times
  • Hotel chauffer-driven cars to accommodate a maximum of 2 guests in a car
  • Newspapers and magazines in cars discontinued and guests provided with e-newspapers on request

3) Receiving Guests

  • Precautionary measures for guests include checking of prior travel history and regular temperature checks during the stay
  • Health check protocols include non-invasive temperature checks on arrival and daily thereafter during the stay
  • Guests with high temperatures will be assisted to local doctors and/or hospitals, as required
  • Physical contact greetings and handshakes replaced with namastes
  • All guests required to wear masks while in public areas
  • All guest luggage disinfected prior to scanning at the entrance
  • Car-valet services temporarily discontinued and guests in self-driven cars to park their own vehicles in designated parking areas

B) The Hygiene Protocols

The Hygiene Protocols Purulia

The Hygiene Protocols

1) Reception/Lobby

  • Demarcations on the lobby flooring at Reception for social distancing of guests checking in
  • Contactless check-in options with pre-registration and digital ID proof facilities
  • All guest touch-points in public areas cleaned continuously using leading sanitizers and disinfectant products like Diversey
  • Correctly-formulated hand sanitizers in place in all public areas
  • Guests can opt for verbal/electronic hotel and room orientations instead of an escort to the room
  • Guests will receive e-newspapers on email or whats app, on request
  • Guests will be informed on all changes in service design through lobby poster signages, e-brochures and e-welcome letters

2) Elevators

  • Elevators will carry a maximum of 3 guests, maintaining social distancing
  • Elevator flooring will have markings with directions for guests
  • Elevator flooring, indicator panels and walls will be sanitized frequently

3) Guest Rooms

  • Enhanced cleaning protocols for all rooms prior to and after each guest’s stay
  • All room and bathroom surfaces, floorings and high guest touch-points cleaned and disinfected daily using clinically approved disinfectants and other products from leading cleaning-care providers like Diversey
  • All guest rooms will be rested for a mandatory minimum period before being allocated to the next guest
  • All team members equipped with protective gear for room cleanings
  • Evening room cleaning/turndown service offered on request only
  • In-room amenities like stationary, guest notepads, fruits, bathrobes given on request only
  • All room linen and guest laundry treated using enhanced wash cycles and approved chemicals to provide added safety for guests
  • All laundry services will be contactless

4) Dining

  • Table seatings at our restaurants reconfigured to maintain safe distances between tables and guests
  • Tables and chairs disinfected each time prior to seating a guest
  • Sterilization of all crockery, cutlery and glassware using high-temperature washing equipment
  • Additional hand sanitizers available in all restaurants
  • Digital menus/QR code introduction in all restaurants, with specially crafted concise menus and a variety of ready-to-eat foods on offer
  • Buffets are discouraged. In-Room Dining will be operational from 7:00 am till midnight only
  • Contactless bill payment and e-bill facilities will be available

5) Kitchen

  • All our restaurants & kitchens are FSSAI certified and comply with all international safety and hygiene norms
  • All food handlers equipped with protective gear
  • All meats, fruits and vegetables received at the hotel follow a high level sanitation process before they are consumed
  • All foods served in our restaurants are prepared by our Chef brigade who follow enhanced washing and hygiene standards in all food preparations
  • All foods served are cooked at optimum temperatures to ensure their keeping quality and safety
  • Initially all buffets discouraged, with more preplated and a la carte menu options on offer

6) Health & Wellness

  • Swimming pools, gyms and spas will remain closed till intimated by the local authorities

7) Guest Meetings & Banquet Events

  • Banquets, meeting spaces and lawns will be reopened only as directed by the local authorities
  • All guests attending banquet functions or meetings will be given non-invasive temperature checks at entry before being allowed in
  • Banquet set ups arranged keeping social distancing norms between tables and the number of guests seated on each table
  • All banquet surfaces & work areas regularly disinfected after every use

C) The Well-being Of Our Staff & Guests

The Well-being Of Our Staff & Guests

The Well-being Of Our Staff & Guests

1) Hygiene Gears

  • From your arrival to departure, our staff follow strict standards in the form of masks, sanitizers, disinfecting the hotel premises, etc

2) Health Knowledge

  • The hotel staff and employees are updated with all the latest government protocols, standards and guidelines to keep you safe

3) Guest Management

  • We have put in place a multi-pronged safety approach, designed to meet the health and safety challenges for all our guests during their stay

4) Heart of the House

  • Strengthened protective measures in place for daily temperature checks and regular sanitization for all employees
  • Enhanced awareness training sessions on hygiene and preventive actions, for all employees
  • All team members equipped with protective gear, including masks and disposable gloves
  • Regular medical check-ups and doctor visits for all team members
  • All goods and raw materials received at the hotel follow strict sanitation and disinfecting protocols as prescribed by government authorities

D) The Health We Care

The Health We Care

The Health We Care

1) Health Helpline

  • A health helpline number and designated staff members will be available to any guests that may require assistance for any health concerns

2) Hospital Support

  • We have tie-ups with nearby hospitals and civic bodies for support in the unlikely case of any medical emergency

3) Hygiene Expert

  • A hygiene expert will be stationed at every shift to ensure proper sanitization procedures are followed and documentation of all touch points are maintained

Check-out Procedures

Check-out Procedures

Check-out Procedures

  1. Demarcations on the lobby flooring at Reception for social distancing of guests checking out
  2. Guests will be given contactless check-out options prior to departure
  3. Guests will be furnished with e-bills for their room stays, F&B and other services, prior to check-out
  4. Physical bill copies will be printed out only on request
  5. Guests will be encouraged to make all payments for their stays through our online platforms

Your safety and good health is our top priority. Stay Safe, Stay Protected & Stay Healthy.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to welcoming you back at Pearltree Hotels & Resorts soon!

Note: All these hygiene and safety measures are continuously evolving and are subject to change or modifications, as per the prevalent situation at each hotel and as per the directives given by the central and local authorities.